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Among cliffs, white beaches, turtles and seahorses. The cliffs of Copanello and Caminia and the long beaches of Montepaone Lido. From the sea horses of Soverato to the turtles of Sant’Andrea, discover the Ionian Coast of Calabria.

This stretch of the Ionian Coast of Calabria, enclosed within the famous Gulf of Squillace, has a variegated conformation. From the cliffs of the famous Copanello di Stalettì to the beach of Caminia, down towards Montepaone and Soverato, where the beaches are long and white, and to the virgin and immaculate beaches of Sant’Andrea Jonio, where the Loggerhead Sea Turtles are born.

The Mirabeau Park Hotel dominates a stretch of sea of the Ionian Coast called Seahorse Bay. The symbol of the sea where you will go swimming is in fact the seahorse which represents the purity and clarity of the water.

Are you a scuba diving enthusiast?

Then get ready for amazing snorkelling locations on the Ionian coast to also admire the diversity of marine life underwater.

If you’re looking for a postcard for your heart, don’t miss… a wonderful and unique dawn during your holiday in Montepaone Lido and surroundings.

…This sea still belongs to me, it washes in my soul and sends antique fragrances and never-forgotten aromas to my sense of smell, it breaks my step, that sways between the rocks of the shore, that slips mercilessly over the seaweed…

Salvatore Arman Santoro

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